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Membership of our platform is free.

We enable you to increase your bookings and improve your conversion rates.

We enable you to reduce your empty-flights and thus reduce your carbon footprint.

We have developed a Meta Engine that integrates empty flights into the search engine.

We guarantee payment before each flight.

We simplify your administrative procedures: : passports, vaccination passes, Esta...which will be directly integrated into your system (Fl3XX, Léon Software, others...).

We provide you with the statistics you need to improve your services

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Empty flights


Empty flights represent a significant operating cost for an airline and generate carbon emissions that damage the airline's image. Jet Opportunity proposes the opportunities they represent daily.

Depending on a customer's interest, our sales team contacts the airline to validate the offer and its price.

If the empty flight is cancelled, Jet Opportunity does its utmost to find an identical flight, and if this is not the case, it immediately reimburses the customer.

The airline immediately refunds Jet Opportunity without prejudice of any kind to either the airline or Jet Opportunity.