Get your European Vaccine Pass
easily and quickly!

Your vaccination pass is complete in your country outside the European Union and you want to convert it into a European vaccination pass. Loxamed, specialized in medical solutions, allows you to obtain it in the shortest possible time whatever your destination in Europe. *

* The average processing time is 72 hours.

accompanies you in your steps.

analyses your file and transmits it to the competent authorities.

is in charge of obtaining your certificate as well as your QrCode.

commits itself not to keep any trace of your personal data.

The cost of this intervention is 54€ TTC.
If your request could not succeed, Loxamed commits itself to reimburse you the expenses related to the emission of your certificate (36€ TTC) by crediting your credit card of this amount. The file management fees will be retained.

What is the purpose of the Vaccine Pass ?

The Sanitary Pass or negative test has been replaced by the Vaccine Pass. Depending on the country of destination, this Vaccine Pass may be required for access to places open to the public such as: bars, restaurants, cinemas, museums, theaters, certain types of transportation, etc. It is required in almost all European countries.

Who is concerned?

All those who reside outside the European Union and who have a complete Vaccine Pass in their country of residence, who want to come to Europe and wish to convert their Vaccine Pass

NB: Only the conversion of your Vaccine Pass is valid in Europe. Any other document including the certificate of recovery cannot be registered in this context..