Frequent Asked Questions

Which countries do not require the conversion of the vaccination pass OR which countries' vaccination passes are valid in France?

Residents of the European Union Member States, Albania, Andorra, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Northern Macedonia, Monaco, Morocco, Norway, Panama, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales), San Marino, Switzerland, Turkey and the Vatican do not need to convert their vaccination pass.

Who is eligible for the vaccination pass conversion?

You must be from a country outside the European Union or from a country above.
You must be 12 years and 2 months old or older. Minors under 12 years of age are not required to have a vaccination or health pass (including a negative test less than 24 hours old).

What is the purpose of a vaccination pass?

Since January 24, 2021, the vaccination pass has been in effect for people over the age of 16. This pass replaces the health pass in the places where it was applied.

The vaccination pass consists of the presentation via the Tous Anti Covid application, on PDF or paper of a vaccination certificate.

As part of the implementation of the vaccination pass, it will no longer be possible to present a negative test.
The only exceptions are for youngsters from 12 to 15 years old and for access to health facilities.

Why use Loxamed to create your vaccination pass?

Loxamed offers you the possibility to obtain your European vaccination pass, valid, without the need to go to a pharmacy, before your trip.

My vaccination pass is not eligible for conversion after analysis of the form, what should I do?

If your pass is not eligible, send an email to conciergerie@loxamed.fr in order to obtain a partial refund of the service (36€).

What are the 54€ fees ?

These fees correspond to the cost of converting your Vaccine Pass for an amount of 36 € TTC and to the management fees for 18 € TTC.

Who should I contact if I need information?

You can write to the email address conciergerie@loxamed.fr

If my pass cannot be edited, will I be refunded?

We will reimburse 36€ on the card used for payment, the remaining 18€ are not reimbursed and correspond to the service fees and the processing of your files.

How do we get our pass back?

If you are eligible, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to access your valid European vaccination pass. This pass is only available 72 hours after its creation.

How long do I have to get my pass once the link has been sent to me by email?

The link is valid for 72 hours, the pass and your data will then be immediately deleted from our servers, we will have no way to send it to you after this period.

Is your site secure ?

Our site is perfectly secure, only health practitioners have access to your data for the edition of your vaccination pass. We do not have access to your personal data.

Is there a conservation of our health data?

No, the data is deleted as soon as the pass is issued.

What documents do I need to provide in order to convert my pass?

You will be asked to provide your passport and the original vaccination certificates in paper form in order to fill in the application form.

These documents must clearly state your full name, date of birth, date of vaccination, the vaccine used, the number of doses injected and the country of vaccination.

How do I keep the certificate of immunization equivalence?

This certificate can be stored indefinitely in the Tous Anti Covid application to be presented in places subject to the vaccination pass.

Simply download the application and scan the QR code to import it.
It is also possible to take a picture of the generated vaccine equivalence certificate to keep a digital copy.